FA400 Bluetooth digital constant resistance power amplifier includes microphone
Function Configuration:
Bluetooth/lossless music/anti-noise /DSP digital sound
Output: 2250W
Impedance: 4-80hm
. Size: 320*240*63mm
Voltage: 110V-240V
·USB playback: can play lossless music format
· Bluetooth: You can sing when connected to your mobile phone
·DSP digital sound effect: master levelsoundengineer tuning, built-in multiple sound effects
· Built-in reverberation chip: good reverberation effect, more beautiful
· With infrared remote control function.
· Microphone input: equipped with two U-segment wireless microphones, anti-whistling and anti-interference, and other 2MIC interfaces
· Six-way signal input USB+AUX1+AUX2+ Bluetooth + optical fiber + coaxial,
· Smart TV download singing by applying the audio output to the power amplifier, you can sing directly
· The 2.5-inch monochrome screen displays various parameters of the power amplifier, which is beautiful and easy to operate